2018 Launch Updates

Phase 02: New Services

03: Floor Plans


What's worse than looking for a place to put all your stuff and not knowing what's going to fit? Or, falling in love with a home and then not knowing if your king-size bed and nightstands are going to fit in the bedroom? Nothing! If you've ever lived this pain then you know full well how much it can seriously sting to find out that you have to settle for the guest bed mattress, or even worse, a home you aren't as happy with.


How about trying to figure out what you can do with an extra room? Wouldn't it be nice to have access to drawings that will show you alternate layouts from what you saw in the home when you looked at it? Of course it would.


As an agent, you want to present yourself as the best of the best. Why not do that by offering both technical B&W, and full-color floor plans? Take advantage of our negotiated rates one of the country's largest spaces measuring services and then upgrade your plans to full-color for some serious WOW factor that will win you more listings.


With prices starting at $125 for up to 2000 sq. ft. it's a win-win for you and your clients to have a measure done and drawings rendered. Take a look at a couple examples of floor plans below and call, text, or email us to get more info.

02: Virtual Staging


There's nothing worse than trying to market a premium listing with photos of a bunch of empty rooms. That's why staging a home is mission critical. But what do you do when physical staging isn't an option? What if it just isn't in the budget? Or, what if time doesn't allow for staging?


Stress not, dear friend. We have a solution. Virtual staging allows you to market a property with the look and feel of costly staging for a fraction of the cost.


Staged rooms get more views online which results in more traffic that crucial first few days a listing is active. What does that mean for you? It means you are bringing more potential dollars through the front door of your client's property which ultimately makes you look like a rock star to your current, and future clients. Because after all, it's about getting the next listing too, right?


For $65 per render we can help you win more listings, and sell higher than your competition.

Check out the difference Virtual Staging makes in this empty room in a luxury build in Denver. WOW!


Typical turnaround time for this service is 24-48 hrs.

** This is an actual sample of our Virtual Staging service.

Multiple styles are available.

01: Day to Dusk


Can't make a twilight appointment work with your client's schedule? We have a solution for that. We can shoot your property during daylight hours and convert that image to simulate twilight. This is also a great option when the skies are less than ideal for your appointment. Why let overcast, or murky skies get you down? For only $25 for the first image of a property and $10 for each image from the same shoot after that, you can have a stellar hero shot of your property for a fraction of the cost of a twilight shoot and no difficulty scheduling a magic hour start time. Add this service at either the time of booking, or after we deliver your images for the first time.


Typical turnaround time for this service is 24 hrs.

** This is an actual sample of our Day-to-Dusk conversion service

Phase 01: Referral Program


We are constantly looking for ways to add value to your relationship with us. One way we would like to do that this year is to add an incentive to you, for the business that you so graciously refer to us, in the form of discounts on the services you already use on a regular basis.


Referral Program Details:


Starting now, we will offer you 20% off any property marketing service priced up to $250 each time you refer a new paying client to us. To seriously sweeten the deal we will even stack your referral discounts. That means you could get your next property marketing shoot valued up to $250 for FREE if you refer five new paid clients to us!


Yep... you read that right! FREE!


Here are a list of the types of new business that will qualify you to earn future discounts: (hint, hint... these are also some of the businesses that can benefit from this referral program. Do you belong to one of these categories?)

  • Real Estate Professionals.
  • Rehab/Remodel Contractors (a.k.a. Fix-n-Flip Contractors).
  • Custom Home Builders.
  • Multi-Family Construction Companies
  • Money Lenders Did you know? We can work with these companies to document property progress for their internal files when they finance a project.
  • Tenant Finish Contractors.
  • Brick & Mortar Business Owners looking to market their business using Google Street View and 360 Virtual Tour technologies.


Referrals must be new clients. This means they can not be a current or returning client, however new agents within the same office/brokerage DO qualify. Discount is valid only for the referring client. Example: Sally works for XYZ Realty and she refers Agent Joe who starts working with us, Sally will get the discount on her next shoot. If Joe then refers coffee shop owner, Jim, Joe will get 20% off his next shoot. Some exceptions may apply, and we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to ensure fairness. Discounts, stacked or otherwise, apply only to property marketing services valued UP TO $250. Property marketing services are defined as any of our currently advertised services designed to market residential, or commercial, spaces. Discounts may stack until you reach an accumulation of 5. The maximum discount that may be used at any one time is 100% of ONE service for a total discount of up to $250.


Email us for more information.